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restringing tutorial

The Sleeping Elf

what to use 
tablecloth , or tea towl ..stops limbs from skidding and slipping all over the place 
60 inchs of 2mm elastic 
unbreakable cotton/nylon thread ..use what not back ..I did this for photographic perpose only 
pipecleaners of thin wire ..for threading the elastic thru the doll
S ring

lay out the doll ..so you dont mix up left and right limbs 
fold the elastic aprox 24/25 inchs ...DONT CUT IT 
bend your pipecleaner or wire in the loop 
thead it down the left hip ..thigh joint and calf ..
then repeat on the right leg ..then tie on the feet  
I always knot my thread ..because you can hook the little knot and pull it through the foot hole ..or if you have tiny S hooks this is 
when you add them
..I add a blob of glue to the tread so as it wont work loose 
take up the tension in the elastic 
run both ends up into the mid section of the doll..then you can put on the upper section of the doll ...just to get the right length of elastic 
out the top of the neck ..leave a good length ..then cut off the remaining elastic to use for the arms
fold the elastic and use the thread to pull it down from shoulder joint to upper arm , lower arm , then leave a loop to tie on the hand 
I use a pipe cleaner ..not doubled over to push the thread past the shoulder joint

take the e;astic through the torso and out the other arm hole ...I then remove the torso from the lower body , its easier to attach the arms this way 
do the second arm the same way as the first 

THEN take bit ends of elastic ..back into the torso ... take up the slack and tie off the elastic inside the upper torso 

Knot the elastic and then , hook it with a pipecleaner up and out off the neck ...but not the knot ! this will be cut off 
add the S hook ..and then 
at the back ( or front it dosnt matter ) take up the slack in the elastic .. using the hemostats ..lock off the tension 
and then tie  ..release the hemostats, and take up more tension and knot it ... cut the elastic ..and the knot will go inside the torso 
lock of the elastic at the head with hemostats 
remove the S hook .. HOLDING THE PIPECLEANER ..use the pipecleaner TO PULL the elastic up into the head 
replace the S hook

tutorial for restringing

tutorial for restringing

tutorial for restringing