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Free Knitting Patterns

The Sleeping Elf

pixie outfits
Moona Pixie top , socks , shorts and Hood

The top is a very basic square shape , with very little shaping , using basic knit and purl stitchs
I have knit it to the length of the doll ..so havent counted rows
this makes it easier to adapt to other dolls ...just add inches for lenght ...to make it smaller knit it on a smaller pins...to make it larger ...knit it on larger pins with thicker yarn
the shorts and sock are also very easy to make
The hood has a little shaping and involves increasing ...but again is a very simple garment to knit
decorate with buttons and bows or anything else you want to
Pixie Top
Using a fine 4ply wool and 2.75 ( Uk ols size 12 or Us size 2)
Cast on 16 stitchs
Knit 4 rows, then continue working in stocking stitch (Knit a row Purl a row)
for 2 inch's.
Work opening of the back
Knit 8 stitches turn
Working on these 8 stitches
Stocking stitch 4 rows , cast off 3 stitches on the sleeve edge for the arm hole
Then work on these 5 stitch's until the opening is 2 inch's in length ...knit 2 rows and cast off knit wise
Rejoin yarn and work the second side the same , casting off the stitch's on the arm hole

Cast on 16 stitch's . Knit 4 rows
Then work in stocking stitch, until front is the same length as the back , up to the armholes
Cast off 3 stitches at each end off the K row
Socking stitch on these 10 stitches
Then work until the front is the same length as the back
Knit 2 rows and cast off
Cast on 15 stitch's
Increase 1 stitch at each end 17
Knit 4 rows then stocking stitch until the sleeve is 2 inch's long
Cast offKnit 2
To Make Up
Sew up the shoulders on the front and back
It is a simple slash neck so
Leave about an inch in the center for the neck hole
Lay flat and inset the sleeves into the arm hole shaping and sew in
Then sew from cuff to hem on the sleeve
Cast on 4 stitch's
Stocking stitch 4 rows
Then increase 1 stitch at each end of the knit row until you have 30 stitch's
Then stocking stitch for 2 inch's
Then KNit 4 rows
And cast off
Stitch up the hood from the point down too the 30stitchs of straight knit (about 2 inch's from the cast off edge )
Then with the right side facing pick up 30 stitch's
Purl row
Increase into every stitch on the Knit row 60 stitch's
Purl row until last 2 stitch's Yarn over needle purl 2 tog to make the button hole
Work until the hood collar is I inch IN STOCKING STITCH
Then knit 4 rows and cast off
Cast on 13 stitch's knit for required length ...do not cast off
, break off the yarn , leaving about 6 inch's to thread onto a needle , then draw the needle through each one of the 15 stitches and draw it up
So these form the toe
Then sew up the leg of the sock
For each leg cast on 16 stitch's and start at the knee
Knit 2 rows
Increase 1 stitch at the each end of Knit row ...18 stitch's
Then in
Stocking stitch knit for 2 inch's
Then K1 P1 rib
P1 K1 for another Inch ..this is the waist
Knit 2 of these
To assemble fold the leg , write side together , then sew the leg from the knee , up about an inch ...on both legs , then join them at the crutch
And sew from the crutch to the waist on the front and back of the shorts
Decorate with buttons and bells tassels and bows :)

I dont mind you useing this pattern to sell ...but please give me credit for it if you do thank you

Isil and Anar ....Moona

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