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Witley Wood Elves - Bracken and Moona- INFO

The Sleeping Elf



so far there are 6 smaller  Witley Wood Elves
Bracken , Moona , BonBon and Coco
Mina ..in human form
and Mina the mermaid
all are just under 6 inches tall
I designed them ,so they work perfectly with dolls house miniatures
and rement

prices are as follows

normal and white resin $175.00
coloured resin, blue , pink , green ,lilac , grey and light tan 

now also available for pre-order dark tan ( chocolate ) and red resin 

ALL DOLLS are also available to order in these colour


random eyes ..and free wig included ,

extra wigs are available at $16.00 each

insured shipping is $25.00

we ...we as in collectors , fans and owners ,are trying to build a data base for what fits who and were :)
so in the Links section you will find other sites for boots , clothes

and if you make for my elves ..please contact me and I will add your link :)

check out owner pictures and more photos of the Witley Wood Elves by clicking this link

to order please contact me