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Lovely Links to Goodies -Moona , Bracken,Coco and BonBon Fashions

The Sleeping Elf


these are a collection of links to other designers of tiny fashions for Moona , Bracken and BonBon

fantastic patterns from Blythe ..these will fit large Moona ..please dont use and abuse ..

finding patterns ... Blythe links


Mimissstuff ...amazing clothes for Moona ,Mina and Bracken

LaLa Land ...fasions by Carla

Margarita-rosa -fashions


Rosa`s hand made shoes and boots

Judys Mal all kinds of gorgeous tiny shoes Moona and Bracken are around a 24 without socks 25 with socks

RUBYRED fantastic shoes for Coco ,BonBon , also for Lati Yellow and Elf Hana (with socks )


Kemper Eyes I love these ..8mm for Bracken ,Moona , BonBon and Coco a great fit and very natural also the Monique size 4 wigs fit Bonbon beautifully

Handbags and Accessories

MonkeyTails Fantstic bags for your tiny ...and not so tiny !

My other sites

Flikr Moona group

Sleeping Elf Flikr group add your photos here

TINYBEAR picture trail all of my bears that I have made and dolls

GLORIOUS GOODIES for your guys and gals

Margarita_Rose stunning custom made clothes for Moona and Bracken absolute eye candy

Rosa If you loved Storm (tan brackens boots ) they are available from Rosa

Bobobie for beautiful BJDs fantastic quality ...fantastic price

Luts , beautiful dolls , shoes , soom eyes

Karin Bussman ..she is Ace , ajumapama usa , Dolls ,Wigs ,eyes , great sevice and goods

please e.mail me your details if you make fashions for Moona and Bracken
and I will add your site to the links

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