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The Sleeping Elf

I should have done this ages ago
this is the place you need to go when you want to know what the bodys look like and what resins you can order
All dolls are available in
Natural , White , LightTan , Dark Tan ..sometimes called chocolate
Lilac , grey , Pink , Green ,blue and red


for tiny  Bracken ,Milo,Mina and Zac
use Moona`s measurements ..they are almost identical ..
Measurements for the larger body ..comming soon

tiny  Mina , Moona , Zack and Bracken/Milo
height  14 cm
eyes Mina 6mm, Moona  8mm,Bracken 8mm
head Mina 6cm ,Moona 8cm,Bracken 8cm
foot 2cm
waist 5.5 cm
hips 6.7cm
chest 6.8 cm
inside leg 5.6 to ankle
shoulder to wrists 4.cm
both boy and girl measurements are almost identical

Large Dolls
Mina /Moona
Height 25 cm
eyes ..Mina 10 or 12 mm ..Moona 12 cm
head .Mina  13 cm ..Moona 14 cm
foot 3.2 cm
waits 7.5
Bust 10 cm
hip 9.5 cm
inside leg to ankle 11 cm
arm - shoulder to wrist 7.5 cm
Bracken /Zack
Height 26cm
head Bracken 14cm Zack 13 cm
eyes Bracken 12cm ,Zack 10mm
foot 3.2
waist 7.5
hip 9 cm
inside leg 11.cm
shoulder to wrist  7.5

In both the large and small dolls
Milo is the same head mould as Moona so measurements are identical
Zack is the Mina head mould
Bracken is a separate head mould but shares the same measurements as Moona
Brier Rose is the Bracken head sculpt
there are 2 body types for all dolls
BonBon and Coco
share the same measurements
Height 15 cm  
head 10.5 cm
eyes 8mm
foot 2.6cm
bust 10.3 cm
waist 9.5 cm
hip 12.4 cm
inside leg 4.7 cm
shoulder to wrist 4.5 cm

measurement by the wonderful Valli !
without her there wouldnt be these wonderful pictures :)



natural resin Bracken and Moona





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white resin Bracken and Moona





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