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The Sleeping Elf

for more pictures of Fallow please click this link to go to my new site

she stands aproximatly 10 inches ..
she takes size 8mm eyes
size 4 wigs 

Fallow in the dark tan

Fallow is a new girl in the Forest ..
( she has the Coco head on the large Moona body and it is a MATCH mADE IN HEAVEN )
Im loving this girl ..so I am making her an Option to order
Fallow , Light Tan Fallow , Light Tan

Pre-order for FALLOW ..She is available in any colour resin

natural , white , light tan , blue ,green and Pink

I will contact you after I recieve a deposit to find out what colours you would like

Body Blushing and freckles  is an optional service

Please allow 8 weeks to 10 weeks for delivery


PRICE  $250.00 for light tan and other coloured resin

$220.00 for natural resin

$25.00 for freckles and body blush