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FAQ wigs dolls and ordereing ..please read !!

The Sleeping Elf

Hedgehogboaring terms 
and nitty gritty 

my wigs are all hand made and hand dyed by ..Me ! xx
I buy my fur from 1 place only ..the quality is second to none ..there is no middleman ..the region and its people benifit from the sales ..and the fur is a by product .They use everything
I dont use any other fur ..Ever no exeptions
I buy 8 colours ..blonde , white , brown ,black , black and brown with white tip ,orange and grey
these I dye tint cut style , tweek and love ...
I have an infinate collection of colours
I have most doll sizes .I own them so I do the VERY best to make your dream wig fit
Im a ball joint doll NUT and love my Blythe
so I KNOW my heads
I am THE TINYBEAR ...I love that ..I get e,mails asking me if Im THE Tinybear ..I am
and I have been making these wigs for a very long time now :)
I specialise in custom cuts and dyes and can and will have a go at anything
if it cant be done ..I will tell you
to order your dream wig ..either send the form on the other page ..or this one with as much info as possible
your e.mail ..dolls head size ..and model and what you would like me to do ...
I will either send you an invoice straight away ..or contact you if there are any problems xx
all wigs are sent out International Signed for ...insured
and all wigs are One OF A Kind ..

Dolls once ordered can take up to 8 weeks if I havent got them in stock 
believe me I wish it didnt ...but I cannot get them faster 

please understand each wig is individually dyed and made ...no 2 wigs are ever the same ..its the nature of these wigs ...dye batch differ..colour monitors differ
I replace all lost wigs ...all wigs are sent out insured ...
and is anyone is unhappy with their order ..I will replace the wigs 

I DO NOT refund because it dosnt suit your doll ...
I do not start orders untill they have been paid for 
I do not refund doll deposits because you have changed your mind and bought something else ..
I hate saying this ,,but I am at the mercy of my supplier too ..I don't like waiting and its not my fault if they are taking longer than they said :(

HAVEING TO put this ..to cover my ass ..new Paypal guidelines 

follow my Blog ..if there are any problems ..it will be there 


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